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Greylocks is quite correct in what he says. I am in pretty much the same situation as you are Korneil

I have permission to use an 11 acre block of privately owned land for Airsoft, its very private away from major streets etc , and I am currently doing the contacting of Police etc etc.

The Police was the first contact to make on my own list. From there, depending on what their views/laws were/state depended on what I do next.

Long story short I have received a reply back from the Police stating a certain by law within the municipality in which the ground/field is situated.

Rather than bring any kind of disrepute to the Airsoft coomunity in general, I may have to seek legal advice as to what I do next, and even if it is worth the hassle. The Inspector that sent me the email noted that his views werent a legal view, but that of what he perceives to be correct given the bylaw as it is read. Bylaw enforcement officers agree with the Inspectors opinion in this matter.
I have asked for advice via my clubs "parent" club to see what if anything can be done, or even if it is worth persuing further. I maybe better off looking at somewhere else to play.

I dont want to get into long drawn out thread on here, I have only posted this as heads up as to what may or may not happen in your own situation. I wish you luck.
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