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Originally Posted by MercedeSChink
Vince from 6mm is a really great guy. He gives great prices, most of the time better then most Canadian retailers. And fixing guns wise, i think he is pretty good so far. I've had him fix at least 4 of my guns, and so far they have been working really well, and never had to bring it back for any check ups.
Conclusion: 6mm is a great store. Kurame... is not... Once i asked to look at a m14, and the guy at the store refused to let me see and pretty much told me to leave. And when i asked for the price of an mp5 it was 700 dollars! So therefore, the service is bad, and the prices are overwhelming!! Go to 6mm!!!
Hehehe why not try opening up your guns and take a look what vince did to your guns. Had to give my gun to Manchoive to "De-vincentlise" my gun. Ask Manchoive him self, It was like opening a dead body.
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