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Exclamation How to get authorisation to use a field?

Before you start flaming read and understand the following. My goal here is to get information to avoid situation such as this one for any newbies or other people wanting to start a new field.

Here is my situation. I live in a small town of approx. 30 000 people. As far as I know I am the only one playing (or at least wanting to play) airsoft. I am gradually trying to create a small airsoft community here. The nearest field and/or team is about 300 to 500 km away. You can understand that for a 4 hours game it is not worth the travel. Since there are no team near I can't easily go to games to ask my questions so I turn to this community to help me and others to avoid legal problems. I'm not a complete noob though, I've been to a few games (maybe not enough), before I move back here, after my collegial studies.

I've been looking around for places to play safely, out of view from public, I have found some places but now I want to know who I should contact to know if I can go play there. I know I have to inform the police to avoid problems, but is there a person, a precise officer I should contact or do I just have to talk to the receptionist about that. I want to make things clear to the police so we don't get arrested or worst get shot. Who should I contact else than the police and the owner of the field? Should I contact people from the city council? Are there things I'm forgeting or overlooked?

As I said before, I can't attend on regular basis to games held in Quebec or Montreal since these places are too far away form my town, not that I don't want to go to games. So I would like to read what are the different steps to make a fields designated for airsoft games.

Thanks in advance for you help.

PS: Try to keep in mind that this thread could be helpful for other people desiring to create a field.
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