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well steve, as far as i remember, in stock they had a g36c, i think i saw an m4 and an m733 in stock, as well as some revolvers and pistols (they might've had a bit more but that's all i remember)...i didn't notice the handguns much, as i was only interested in the aeg's there and if they had a p226. the guy was pre-occupied playin some game and talkin on his cell phone at the same time so i didn't get much service.
if you're around the area or are thinking of getting one of those aeg's, then sure stop by the store...but otherwise, it's not that worth it.
but the guy does give pretty good prices. i interupted his game/phone conversation to ask him bout the price of the sig p226 which he says has not come in yet but should soon...he gave me a quick 'around 280 range' before resuming his game and conversation. comparing that to the place at pacific mall, they were asking 350 for the p226, so you're much better off goin to 6mm than pmall...or try getting an appointment at asc armoury, which is the next place i plan to visit
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