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TM M1911A1 Initial Impressions

June 30th 2006

Well, I had just placed a rather large order through a buddy of mine. A day later itís announced that the TM M1911 is released and I spend the next 24 hours frantically trying to get in touch with my retailer to add it to the order.

July 25th 2006

Well, the second half of the order finally arrived (after UPS shipped it to the wrong address :smack: ). Among other bits and pieces was my much anticipated much loved 1911!

Much like the last few offerings from Marui, the 1911 is packaged beautifully. A mat OD box whose graphics scream issue (even down to the stats and "Government Issue Colt's Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co., 1945"). The foam is lined with an OD fabric giving it that extra classy look, even the usual 'bag of bbs' is in a little box with "Pistol Ball, Caliber .45 FMJ M1911A1".

Onto the pistol itself. The trades are stamped deeply into the slide and frame. The collectors will be impressed, there is something stamped almost everywhere on this thing. The pistol itself is mat gunmetal grey, accented by black controls and brown (not imitation wood) grips. This is one of the best looking pistols I have seen in quite some time.

If the gun looks good it feels even better. The gun is heavier, more solid and less plastic than my TM P226 and the Hicapa. The grips are sharp and the weight sits nicely in your hands. A fantastic gun to hold.

The blowback seems to be on par with my Sig but pulling the (serrated) trigger is so much nicer. If pulling the sigs trigger is "mushy" the 1911 is crisp as can be. The slide release is quite tight and more effort than usual is needed to release it. Adds to the realism or a liability, your choice. I havenít used it at any kind of range, but accuracy seems to be good, as does power. The rumors of it being a gas hog may be somewhat true I seem to get a mag and 3/4's or so. On the other hand, there isnít much gas going into the mag itself. In any case, a good excuse to pick up a few spare mags. Another interesting note, this gun seems to be quite loud, more so than usual.

All in all, this gun seems to be a dream come true, I canít wait to take it out on the field.

Well, thatís what I've noticed in the first few hours of owning the thing. If I get around to it I'll try and include some snaps and an after action report.
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