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Hey I'm a noob too!! But i've been into airsoft for around 2 years, and I'm gonna use this opportunity to ask what i need to ask because i just foud out about this sight recently. Right now i have a Tokyo Marui M4A1 CQB. It pretty decked out, well kinda, but I wanted to get myself ready for when i was finally ready to go airsofting!

I just turned 16 like a month ago, and according to my research, people are allowed to go airsofting when they turn 16, and buy when they turn 18 (my parents are from hongkong so i've been really familiar with airsoft throughout my life, becuase over there airsoft is like the main thing, and thats why i already have a gun). I was actually double checking to see if i am 100% allowed to go airsofting now at my current age.

Today i pretty much spent my whole day reading all the forums and everything, it was pretty cool. For my first game i want to be ready, I am a very big noob, probably the biggest noob right now. I want to know what i need for my first and future games. I already have a gun, i know i need an outfit but what else?

I've been reading forums, and to my current knowledge flagraiders is one of the best airsofting areas in Ontario, and is probably going to be where i play my first airsoft games. My next question is: In the games schedule section, are the flagraiders games open to everyone, cuz i notice people just saying they want to go and they're added to the list, is there any additional RSVP?? And also, is it ok if i go myself (seeing that I am 16)?? But i'll probably be going with my big bro. Just want to know so when i get my G2 and i am still underage, i can go myself.

I really want to airsoft, and i hope that the time finally has come. Please help me answer my questions and help me turn myself from a super noob to a regualar noob! lol

Thank You guys in advance! :salute:
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