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Yeah right now I don't own any kind of land myself, however one of my friends has a relative who's willing to allow us to use their land to play on. Large forrested area and and also some open field.

We're not looking to set up a pay-for-use field, but just more something for some local friends to go do target shooting and practice. As mentioned the land owner is willing to let us use the field at no cost as long as it doesn't cause him any grief.

Would a private field like this still require insurance or any other kind of official permit? I'm wondering more if it's required to have it if in case someone trespasses and gets shot accidently for example.

As compared to LAN events, when I host an event at my house I don't need any insurance, permits or anything (then again this is a LAN tournament and not some guys firing off airsoft guns), however when running the larger public events insurance is pretty much mandatory, otherwise if some kid sustained an injury from just tripping over a step or falling off his chair we could be sued.
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