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If someone would want to look into the candian side. i will see about this side. but it sounds alot like how some of you have lost guns in the past.

i mean if i get on here saying: okay guys you are going to ship your guns back from america and i will somehow, guarantee safe passage through the american border with assault rifles..

i think by saying that some people won't want anything to do with this idea.

it's not like you guys are american citizens.

they are going to stop and search you if they see an airsoft gun. doesn't matter if they know it is a toy.

let's keep workin it though. We just have to be sure on both borders. then again by the time you ship them both ways... was it worth it. you tell me.

this won't kick off till spring of next season, earliest so we have a lil time.


pics of the field where i host
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