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Well in my opinion i got my webbing from a surplus store in DT montreal, and it's great, prolly replica, and it's old but in good i said it's good for me, but to each his own, get what suits you best, try things out, who know what you might end up with. Personally i'm not bothered if it's the latest swish fancy crap that costs half a grand, if it does the job, and stays together then it's all good.

I don't remember how i came across airsoft, i think i was on utube or something like that and there was a vid of some guys in portugal or spain playing. I was instantly interested, so google was my next stop, and then asc was right there...spent a good year and a bit just reading before i got out to a game, man that was back in the days of the Rigaud field just outside of mtl...good few games up there.

Anywhoo just my 2c
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