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replicrap isnt a bad investment. i didnt know the diff when i started so i got one, they just fine for a noob even moderatley experienced player who still hasnt found the weapon and load out they want. buy the cheap stuff untill you know what gun your for sure 100% going to use; you may think you like a gun and when you get it that its going to be THE GUN, but after you play a while, you realise said gun lacks in certian areas, or doesnt quite fit you - your body - youyr playing style - ect EVERYONE buys the gun they think LOOKS the best as their first gun, the gun you end up with when you reach the novice experience WILL be different. but when that day comes, rejoice, cuz now you can start buying hi grade stuff (not that you wouldnt have been dumping large amounts of $$ on gear already) no doubt about it, there is a WORLD of difference between the 350$+ vests at seals action command, Blackhawk, HSGI, Tactical Tailor from those in the classifieds and surplus shops, but holy frick is it worth it. but ya, i would say dont buy a vest till you reach "that level" everyone here can attest to going through 3-4 vest before they found the one they liked
atleast 3-4 outfits before they found one they like/ suits theyre play
ATLEAST 3-4 guns before they found the gun they like (most still havent!)
but keep in mind you dont want to buy uber cheap shit, youll just ruin it for yourself, there is a happy medium.
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