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Originally Posted by MercedeSChink
Hey, i live in the GTA and have a couple of friends that live around aurora. I notice that there are a lot of forests in peoples backyards. For example, my friend pretty much has a forest in his back yard, perhaps you can just rent out some guys backyard or something and play there. Not sure if its the bet idea, but before i got into actual airsofting, thats pretty much all i did to prepare myself with some other friends. Anyways, I've been told its a stupid ideo, but i think why not use a perfect piece of land if theres no one around. This is IMO.
It is a stupid idea, you'll keep getting told about it, so STOP suggesting it.

Airsoft is a sport to be played in a controlled environment AWAY from public's view. Unless he lives in the middle of nowhere and have 0% chance of anyone seeing them, then you can play given you have notify and authorized by the right authorities that you are playing with airsoft (guns that looks REAL).
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