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Okay, I finally managed to find a spot to test it. Just in case you wonder how hard this can be, my entire municipality is now HUGE and it is illegal to even shoot a BB gun on it's territory.

Foolish me, I forgot my Chrony at home, but from having shot many powerful Airsoft guns, I'll take a wild informed guess.

Ammo available was .20 and .25

Hopup, and initial range tests, was done with .20

Range; well over 150 feet. BB's were easily reaching 200 feet, but at that point the accuracy was poor. The flight was on par with other upgraded guns I own, right out of the box. Hopup adjustment, apart from requiring an Allen key, was easy. Only requiring the removal of the top action cover (takes less than one second), pulling back the bolt a bit, and there is the screw. A convenient arrow indicates the direction to turn the screw.

Using .25 would simply require a tad more hopup, range was the same, trajectory was the same. It seems to be a very tolerant gun for different ammo weights. I will eventually try heavyer ammo when I find some.

There were zero malfunctions during the tests. The gun is quiet, cocking the action is a bit of a reach if you are small (I am), but is not hard to do at all. It is louder to do that than with other bolt guns I tried, but not by much.

The safety is simple and solid. I estimate the speed to be at least 400fps if I compare it to my AK47. If I ever get my brain in gear, a real speed test will be done.
If I locate where the heck I went and hid my monster Systema spring (I think it was an M150), I'll give it a test. Same for a few other springs I have floating around. However, when something works perfectly, I'm not tempted to "fix" it.

Please note that a complete takedown of this gun requires Torx Safety screwdriver bits.
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