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Originally Posted by TeamWolfpack
Don't buy your vests or web gear at surplus stores unless you don't mind 20 year old crap, or Asian made crap. Check out Blackhawk, HSGI, Tactical Tailor etc. or you will be sorry when you see that you are wearing replicrap, but, again it is all relative, to your financial situation. I find these forums and EBAY are a great place to buy gear. Just don't rush out buying a ghillie suit or other such "leet" items till you actually get to a game and see what people actually wear. Creative Outdoors prices on mags and bb's are fucking outrageous, you can get them here for 1/3 the price.
Ack! Replicrap, doesn't sound good

Well, I guess I'll see if I've been owned when I get out to my first game and have a chance to compare

Fortunately I didn't pick up any mags or bb's whilst there at least. Hopefully this influences other noobs before they buy a bunch of crap thinking it's all good. Ah the learning process, hammer that knowledge in! :smack:
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