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Getting all the correct guns for diff people then upgrading pre game. tall order. i am here to make you guys happy. if i don't do that then i have failed.

hearing you guys are willing to work on your own guns shows me how important it is to you and how dedicated you are to the idea of us ca.

i am picturing 50 gun bodies and 50 mechboxes in a pile and taskforce putting them all backtogether....harder to auction a gun that doesn't have a mech box in it as well.

i am willing to do this. however i don't know if i can. our guy is a classic army dealer. this allows me to get better guns cheaper. if i start ordering 1/3 of each tm ca ics my cost goes way way up. still possible but eats the money that would be used for the actual op.

now.. what if like i said you could have 2 maybe 3 gun types to choose from. i can upgrade them for the cost of a spring.(pre game) and let's say we cap the fps off at a reasonable level. say 350fps for both sides. most stock ca ics guns quote harder than that out of the box. no it isn't true, but it is comparable. i would also have to limit machineguns and snipers. i could probably supply a couple mgs and a sniper to the candian side.

someone else mentioned keeping this a fun game. i definately don't want this to turn into a rivalry situation. This is about america and canda sharing the love of airsoft. not about seeing who is better. In fact this will be a small representation of airsoft in america and in canada. we'll see people from all over but that doesn't mean we are the best america and canada has to offer.I'm all about the milsim but it shouldn't be a pissing match between two countries.

This is about the look on the americans faces when i tell them they actually have to drag the dead. or to see how you guys react to the level of roleplay that has become popular in ohio. our medic rules can be pretty good. This is about two countries camping out on the border of their two lands sharing some good times good stories and a kick ass op.

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