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hmm thats pretty cool. i think everyone can appreciate your story and remember how they got their start.

i use to play tournament paintball. i didnt like it cuz it changed from tourny ball to "xball" and is now was dominated by cheaters. it didnt matter how good a player you were, how fast you ran, how quick you could fire balls out, what gun you had - all these had been affected by cheaters. it was how well you could wipe, and what kinda cheater board you had in the gun. i longed to go play senerio ball, but that is nonexsistant here. also i couldnt justify spending $300+ at a tourny and have nothing but memories to show for it. i longed to play rainbow six or ghost recon (which is surprisingly good practice on your down time!) style paintball, i wanted to buy a RAP4 mp5 for the realism as i only played recball in the end, but getting those is ghey expensive and next to impossible to get, so i was going to build an m4 out of a tipman and hid the 9oz tank underslung to simulate an m203, but doing that was going to cost 700$+... not really worth it and you still have that hella ghey hopper on the top of the gun. i remember my buddy got into airsoft waaaayback in 98 or so and we shot the shit out of his house (drywall and blinds... lightbulbs and pictures....) it was fun, and i loved how cool the guns looked.

so i tracked him down and asked about it. we was extatic to finally have someone who was interested in it (there was NO airsoft community nor players aside from him here) so i came over to his house (after we hadnt spoken for 2 years+) he showed me his stuff, i did the typical noob drooling. he had an m16 that was in pieces... right down to the mechbox. he gave that to me along with 2 springer (whick were stripped as well) and said if i could get them back together, i could have them.

it took me.. oooooh about 4 hours to completley assemble the m16 sans delta ring and hand guards (that was trickey for a guy who had no instructions, no previous gun experience, nothing to aid) and about 3 days to find diagrams on how to reassemble the usp, and couger. then a few days later we tracked down his old famas, i bought that as well.

then we started playing... jsut the two of us. hide and seek/ stalk and kill/ seek anmd destroy.... ooo the variations at the paintball course i worked at. occasionally we had a few friends that would come out and play but for the most part for 1 year it was just us, then latter on that year a buddy from work joined... then a year later, 6 other guys joined and we got the opportunity to use a farm as our field, then more people joined, now we have a group of 10+ that is still growing. i also bought mondo amounts of gear and guns, dont deny it, your going to buy lots of "outfits" and "vests" one word of advice... dont be the kid that shows up to school wearin saan store clothing, hunting vests and clothing are not acceptable as airsoft gear... go to an army surplus store!

right now were trying to for a club (if anyone has advice i could use it). as it stands im the host and game organizer and i guess head hinch, though i wish that would change a bit, it seems as though having a free field to play at every week isnt enough to stop people from whinning and bitching, ruining it for themselves and others then blaming the game organizer because theyre not having fun, instead of trying to help organize games and contributing, but what can you do?

thats my story.
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