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Thumbs up Discovering Airsoft - A Noob Story

So I finally decided to take the plunge and with a little help from a mutual friend of ours, myself and another buddy of mine ordered our first airsoft guns. Before I go any further, a little background, both of us are avid computer gamers, we've moved through various video games over the years trying to find something that's close to 'realistic'. So far the best we've come up with is a game known as "True Combat" ( We've known about paintball for awhile, neither of us enjoy it very much due to the non-realism aspects of the game (at least airsoft gets a bit closer to the real thing by having guns that look real) and getting covered in paint. Those 'speedball' games look like a bunch of people from startrek or some other sci-fi show firing goo-guns at each other. :-D

I still remember the day when I saw a G3A4 airsoft gun over a year ago now and vowed that one day when the cash was there I was going to get it. Unfortunately when that time finally came (just recently) I was informed that not only do none of the stores in Canada have any in stock but they apparantly aren't being manufactured anymore. I settled for the next best thing (in my mind) the G3 SG1 (which I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival) and given it's 1m+ length picked up a G3 SAS too (yay for interchangable mags) for something that's more applicable to CQB.

My friend ordered himself a CA SAR M41FS (offizer), which was in stock at the time (very envious that he didn't have to wait more than a week, you bastard!). We don't really have anywhere to go to fire the thing off as we live in a pretty built up town, as such we've only been able to try it out at my friends work (won't say where but it's safe from public scrutiny!). Having never actually fired an airsoft gun before (only ever had Crappy Tire bb guns) it was a treat I must say. We took great pleasure in reducing a few pop cans to tin foil, then took some shots at each other to see what we were in for. When I realized that these things actually cause noticable pain I was strangely pleased :-D

Even before placing our orders we've been working ourselves into shape by running a lot and excercising. If you're a bit of a fatass like me who works in the data communication/IT field it's probably a good idea to start beating yourself into shape well before you're being fired at. I know that my 40+ hours a week sitting at a console doesn't exactly build those leg muscles.

One issue that we have (as mentioned we live in a built up area) is locations to play. So far TTAC and EOTEC are the only well-established local airsoft-only operations that I can find in the GTA. I guess we could check out some of the paintball fields on their airsoft nights but the idea of an airsoft-only field is highly appealing At this time we're just trying to find more places we can safely use our guns in the local area. Toronto is a bit of a drive, but will definately be worth it. I know there's a list of locations in the Ontario Games and Events Schedule section (thanks!), all of which had websites I checked out (anyone know if Deadlands/Dragon ops is still in operation? assuming no as the status would have probably been updated). My friends and I are in the process right now of talking with all our trusted acquaintences to see if we can find anyone who owns land that isn't going to get the wrong idea about airsoft. After all, don't feel like getting shot/arrested/being responsible for ruining fun for anyone else!

One thing that still surprises me is just how much gear (camo, tac gear, guns, etc.) some people have. Now I understand those statements such as 'this is the most expensive addiciton you'll have' and have a better idea of how you can easily blow thousands on this sport. Going to check out some surplus stores in Toronto tomorrow hopefully to see what I can find for myself. Thank you ASC for providing a list of suitable stores/websites to acquire camo and tac. gear from.

So far the forums have been an excellent resource of information, in fact I've spent almost my entire Saturday just reading ASC today to 'do my homework' so to speak. I must say that if it wasn't for this website I doubt any of this would have happened, or at least been so easy. That 'search' function has helped greatly (remember it fellow newbs!). Either way I'd like to give a big thanks everyone that's contributed to this website as I would have been lost/ripped-off no doubt without it. Both myself and my friends are looking forward to getting involved in the community and attending some games, even though we'll get our assess handed to ourselves at first I can't wait to start the real learning process.
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