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150 us dollars is projected cost for us and canadian. i want to auction 25 guns at the game to americans to spread the money over the candians.

so americans can come and buy a cheap gun. and canadains play in the us and we auction guns to lower their registration. The auction potentially could lower canadian costs 50 us. but who knows it's an auction.

i hope the guns will be a mix of diff types. i would like to get at least ca ak47 quality. i projected the costs of guns retail from airsplat.

upgrading guns. iguess at this point you could pay the cost difference. a spring costs 20 dollars us. if ther was enough interest i could do spring swaps on all the guns for some small fee. 5-10 dollars. but i won't order a crap load of upgrade parts.

i want to try to minimalize the cost of this event for both sides. if you have ideas on how to do that i am all ears.

i am also from north east ohio if that helps anyone. takes me 3 hours to get to niagra falls ca.

i have spent this season simply browsing your forums. I know the differences between the ways we play and i think it will be very fun and very different to pull those ideas to gether in one operation.

thanks for the interest.

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