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Talking Canada vs Us game is possible.

Some may remember me talking about a us vs ca game earlier in the season. I am in the united states and personally would love to make the idea happen. Throwing an event is not foreign to me so i am not a noob talking out of my ass.

The problems with a ca us event is simply logistics and demand. logistically there is no way for you all to bring your guns. i understand this. on the demand side: Is there enough of it to warrant the cost to make this happen. I feel to acheive this goal one must not be secretive about the event planning. One must involve the community and listen even closer to public feed back then normal.

I'll lay my plan out to you in regards to logistics. The demand comes from you.. keep in mind that i would still make certain operation sensitive things unknown to keep the surprise.

i will buy airsoft guns for you to use at he operation. a member of our team is a ca dealer. even if i got the guns from airsplat i could get 50 guns for 10,000 american.

The guns can't return with the canadians so they will be likely raffled off to the americans. i could auction 25 of them off to the americans with the proceeds going to reduce the canadian field costs. I'll keep 25 to make the next us canadian cheaper.

the field costs me 15 per man.

i intend to run a 100 man op. 200 is fine but it has to be some division of 50.

150 american dollars for the op.

15 x 100 =1500 field
200x50=10000 guns
that leaves me 3500 to run the op. this will include vehicles and mortar guns. i have alot of other props ie statellite dishes cruise missles and bombs to go around. This is where some of the surprise starts coming in. You also have to know if the op is going to happen before you run out closing negotiations with people.

i want some general input here on what you all think. Tell me about the demand side. I know alot of you have been burnt buying weapons and generally have a harder time getting ahold of aegs. That is not the situation down here. This op is for people who want to try airsoft at an international level. I imagine you guys could host an op in canada the same way. Although i beleive we can take our guns home

Thanks john usa aka Sgt.H.N.I.C.
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