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Originally Posted by Savage Eh
why wouldnt u verify someones parent if they dont play.. my dads pretty old and just had a heart attack and my moms 45 and yea right shes gonna go play with guns. how else am i suposed to get a gun? from what i see it is pretty hard to get a gun. but it should be rediculously hard to get a gun especially with parents concent, a designated play area, and about 20 people that ur going to go play airsoft once a week. im not trying to argue or anything with the verification at all. i think its good to have and i understand why its there. but i think its rediculous to not verify someones parent so they can get there kid a gun to play airsoft. i am really wanting to get more serious with airsoft. make a team and what not. but yea i guess ill pm this lisa person and see what she has to say
No, you don't understand why it's there.

The LAW says you have to be 18 to acquire a gun, not us, the LAWWWWWW. We are simply enforcing that rule.

I'll use the same analogy I use many times before, you have to be 19 to smoke, you can't get an adult to buy those for you to use, can you? (Well, you can, the adult will just get in shit) Airsoft rules are similar.

As much as you're enthusiastic about getting into airsoft, you have to be of age to acquire an airsoft, most field require you to be over 18 to play (due to insurance issue mosly), while some will let you play with parental supervision or consent.

Meanwhile, you can learn all about airsoft, upgrades, accessories, maintenance, stuff like that.

If you continue your whine, it only shows us you're not mature as you say you are.
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