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why wouldnt u verify someones parent if they dont play.. my dads pretty old and just had a heart attack and my moms 45 and yea right shes gonna go play with guns. how else am i suposed to get a gun? from what i see it is pretty hard to get a gun. but it should be rediculously hard to get a gun especially with parents concent, a designated play area, and about 20 people that ur going to go play airsoft once a week. im not trying to argue or anything with the verification at all. i think its good to have and i understand why its there. but i think its rediculous to not verify someones parent so they can get there kid a gun to play airsoft. i am really wanting to get more serious with airsoft. make a team and what not. but yea i guess ill pm this lisa person and see what she has to say
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