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remember what happened to Splatters when that became too familiar...i think one season two winters ago we played there every single week and sometimes twice a week and this winter we hardly played there at all...i think there was one game...

people like choices...and lots of em...if people were to play FR everyday then it would eventually wear thin but it would take longer as they actually have props on their field

and why does it matter if field owners put together their games...your wanting your games to have a higher attendence but like youve already put in this thread EOTECH is invite only so that means closed to the general ASC public that would usually be at FR and Wasaga... so now im complain that you dont get enough people to games or that no host is...and the complaint is valid...but then you close your EOTECH games to the general public HOW OR WHY WOULD WE COME THERE IF WE ARE NOT INVITED....Hmmmmm FR Game that is Public....or Crash EOTECH at an invite only game that Im not invited to but for some reason STILL GETS POSTED ON ASC EVERY DAMN TIME

sorry for any tired.
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