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Responsibility of Leadership

Originally Posted by ATREYU
This has gone beyond mole-hill --> mountain... I think we are on the scale of a new unseen planet here now. [Snap] Accept things as they are, because, if there's one thing I've learned about ASC - things resist (and rarely) change!!!
Agreed... this has gone from.. hey guys look at the schedule before posting your game... lets help each other out a bit..3 games on the same day is a bit much...

To ... I don't know what...

Change has to be driven... by people who can.. Atreyu.. like it or not you are in a position to affect change if you want to, if you accept the responsibility that your position as a successful host places you in.

You .. and every other person who chooses to Host, could choose to work together ... or .. not

The people who can't affect change have to accept things as they are..You don't, you can change them.
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