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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Look Brian, not to "bust your balls" as you said elsewhere, but in all my time on ASC, you are the first to complain about this. As I said before, not many games get cancelled due to lack of attendance, but granted it does happen. Maybe if you attended more games at other sites, and met more players in person, you'd be in a better position to speak on other hosts games. And when I say attend, I don't mean in that annoymous, walk through 007 style and walk out again. Maybe if people got to meet you at other games, they'd warm up to you a bit more
Valid points Alex, however this issue was bound to come up eventually - the amount of new field openings has been outpacing new players for a while now, seems like everyone with 20 spare acres fancies themselves a field owner these days.

We have a fairly healthy player base in Ottawa, with three fields, however what we saw early this season was one field falling into disuse with the majority of players as there were simply too many venues for too few players.

I'm not surprised that this happened first in TO, just that it took this long.

To play Devil's Advocate Brian, you seem to have an extremely hectic event schedule month to month, perhaps cutting back a bit in the frequency of your hosted games would increase player turnout?

As well, getting in touch with the other major field organizers and hashing things out could work - locally here in Ottawa we post our games well in advance, and have managed to hammer out a bit of a "gentleman's agreement" when it comes to scheduling to not divide the player base.
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