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Originally Posted by ToRN
The example which you gave, of players at FR new, and FR old at the same time.

That is not by accident, in the two cases in which it has happened this year, it has been because one game had too many players for the one host to accomodate, so the new FR was opened up, for the overflow.

As for having games at FR and Wasaga at the same time, it comes down to player preference, also, I can't speak for everyone here, but I do speak for myself, when I say this. With gas prices the way they are, I don't want to drive 200km to go to wasaga, when I have FR right next door, and I'm sure the fella that live near wasaga will say the same.
Ok now that is a valid point, thank you..

Proximity is a issue.. for some.. but really how often do most people play.. How many actualy play every weekend?

Sure some do.. heck I know guys who play 2 times a weekend if they can.

In the winter there are some guys who put in 12 hours a week a TTAC3.. but they are not the average player.

For the majority I think one local game a month is all they participate in anyway.

Lets not get things out or perspective.. I am not advocating less games.. all I am advocating is more thought in the scheduling of games.
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