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Originally Posted by SKI
Originally Posted by frankiet
I would personally like to thank Brian for the effort he has put in. I have attended my first game last Friday at TAC3, and from the way I see supplies dwindle (which he provides) as well as gear, I can pretty much confirm that this isn't exactly money boon. Being involved in the commercial building business, I can confirm that rent alone in Toronto would negate any revenue he pulls in from airsoft. I don't think that money is his motive here.
You forget that airsoft is secondary to his martial arts business. The overhead is split up between all Brian's business ventures in that building.
I have not attended a TTAC3 event. I have always wanted to try the place out but my schedule and lack of funds has not allowed me to do so. I have had to pick and choose where and when I can play. Playing with familiar faces and locations tends to win out in my situation. I don't want to risk dissapointment in trying a new location or host with my limited time. I play airsoft for fun. It's not a strict regimen that needs to be adhered like attending a Gym. Unfortunately when I look at TTAC3's website and see monthly membership dues it makes me think of a Gym. I know that there are pay as play fees as well. It's just something that lingers in the back of my head that I just can't get past.
I prefer milsim games. I tend to base my attendance on that. That being said, I tend to go with what I find familiar. The scenerio has to fit what I'm looking for in a game. I agree that hosting a bunch of games on the same day in the same local may be a bit much but people want variety. Thay want to be able to choose. If a game organizer decides to plan a game for the same day as another's, he's likely cutting his own attendance as well. That may not be the smartest thing to do on his part but it's his choice.
Thanks for that... you are correct... airsoft is not the only revenue ... and really I do the airsoft stuff for selfish reasons... It is fun.. and it is fun to see others having fun.

What you say about going with what you find familliar really has resonance...

Everyone who has come out to EOTEC has liked the field.. and many have become regulars...
Getting people to risk it... and come out has been the challenge.. I have put a lot of the barriers up myself... making the field a invite only venue.. makes people wary
I guess it will take time... this is only our first season...
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