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Originally Posted by ToRN
So, what you're saying, is that you don't want anyone to book a game at Wasaga, or FlagRaiders, on the same day as you have a game at TACCT.

TTAC3 operates on Tuesday Night.. Friday Night and Sunday night.. in the city of toronto.. Inside.. for CQB only ...I don't see a conflict.
That is a straw man Torn.. and a frivolous argument.. for the sake of argument.. and beneath you.. make a real point

What I am saying is I don't think it is constructive for us to plan to have a game at FR and FR old and a Wasaga on the same day.

Or at FR, Wasaga and EOTEC on the same day...

I agree that all venues do draw their own crowd but there is cross over..
If there was informal agreement to try to avoid scheduling conflicts then every host could get a maximization of attendance.
Which provides benefits to everyone.
Notwithstanding .. that very good games can be had with few attendeees.

Whereas scheduling conflicts does not profive benefits... that have any tangible effect.
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