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Still not Answering the point

I agree that numbers don't make the game... we have had excellent Ops at EOTEC with 10 people there..Some of the best nights at TTAC3 are with less than 10 people

Lets not cloud the issue.. This in NOT a my games are better than yours issue.

This is about working co-operatively as a community for the benefit of all.

this is not a big issue... All I am saying is Don't cut your mate's grass.

If you are a host .. and want to run a game .. fine do it.. just TRY no to schedule it against games that are already on the slate..

If you see that the game scheduled is a hardcore Milsim.. and what you have in mind is a highcap bb fest then maybe you don't need to worry.. different crowd.. less conflict.

I am NOT talking about regulating anything... I am not talking about sending in an application in triplicate for a certain date.. to the Airsoft game approval commission.

All I am saying is have a care for the other hosts out there and try not to cross schedule . Use the calendar.. and plan ahead and we all can reap the benefits.

OK... let me say this... I try not to step on anyone's toes .. If I see a game scheduled I won't schedule a game for the same weekend.. as a courtesy to my fellow game hosts... is it too much to ask for the same respect in return?
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