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Originally Posted by Lisa
Number of people at a game doesn't mean it will be a quality game. As long as you get enough players to have a good time that's all that matters.
Ah the Senior Airsofter has spoken...

Lisa is quite right.
As an Experienced host Quality is not determined by numbers of player but the players themselves.

While conflicting schedules are unfortunate reality of summer season play, again if you have a big game your promoting then ask the other host. Simple solution, promotes co-operation and understanding, unlike what we're seeing develop here.

Originally Posted by frankiet
Agreed, but you definitely can't have a quality game with 4 people, or no people at all because it gets cancelled.
Now to the newest player commenting

While I know you are fresh to the sport and enjoyed TACC3 on your first outing. A 4 person game can be quite enjoyable, also a 10 person and 20 person game. It's all about the people your playing with.

Brian you attended my Stargate game. you had fun. did it matter that there was exactly a 23% flakage on attendance at the game to how much you enjoyed it?

It's who you play with that how many. Morbius who's been doing this for what? 9yrs + said pretty much that.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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