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I would personally like to thank Brian for the effort he has put in. I have attended my first game last Friday at TAC3, and from the way I see supplies dwindle (which he provides) as well as gear, I can pretty much confirm that this isn't exactly money boon. Being involved in the commercial building business, I can confirm that rent alone in Toronto would negate any revenue he pulls in from airsoft. I don't think that money is his motive here.

Truth is, having more players in a game is a definite plus for new players (at least for me). I'd much rather have a game with 20 people in a field which isn't my first choice, than have a game at my favourite field with only 10. The whole point here is not to try to segregate people here. I would love to play with people from other areas, even if I had to travel occasionally, as long as they meant larger games. The easiest way to do this is to plan schedules ahead of time, like Brian has done.

That's my 2 cents! (from a newbie point of view)
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