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And after a quick trip to the local 'Wholesale Sport' store, I noticed they had a bunch of those clear mini MP5's, a few clear MP5K springers AND 3 of the clearn M4A1's. One thing I didn't know until I looked at is that the M4 is that even though it's an electric soft-air rifle, it runs off a gravity-fed magazine (the bb's are held in the 'scope') and the battery (an ugly looking one like you'd see in an R/C car - basically a big square) is held in the magazine which is also clear.

They really look like total crap but for those of you who are into that sorta thing (I know there's a few of you on here who are), they appear to be a 'steal' of a deal. The MP5K is $55 and the M4 is $75. Go hard!
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