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That's a good point, about not having good reason to compete, because the hosts aren't making money.....except for one. You are the owner of your field/CQB school/whatever you want to call it, so IMO, you are being biased against competition, because, although WE as players, benifit from compteition, YOU benifit from the lack thereof.

Most of the rest of what I wanted to add, has already been said above, so I won't repeat it.


I am not biased to competition.. I don't see the point of it.. when it would be better for the schedule to be planned a bit better, so that there are not multiple events in the same region at the same time. How is it good for the players to split and go to 3 different events with middling attendance.. when they could go to one with good attendance?
The way many of you speak.. you would think I am saying "don't play at anyone elses field but mine" I am not. I would make the same suggestion if I was not a Host\Venue owner.

Would it not be better for Atreyu's game to have 10 more players at it? Rather than having those players at some other game with 14 people at it?

Would it not be better for that game with 14 people at it to have 24 or 34 at it because they are not at Atreyu's game?

Would the Venue Owners not be happier with one game with 30 people every other weekend.. rather than games with 14 people at them?

This ain't rocket science.. its basic business.. and self evident to anyone who has taken more than 30 seconds to think about it. There are a finite number of consumers.. it just makes sense for the service providers to co-ordinate to maximize the number of consumers at each event. Everybody wins.

Venue owners. make more $ per event. Costs are fixed.. mostly, it costs the same to run an event with 14 as it does with 34. More $ per event.. makes them happier.. and gives the organizers more clout with the venue owners because you are bringing in the $.

Hosts feel more fulfilled because their events have good attendance.

Players have more fun because they have bigger turn outs.. and all their friends are at the same game.

Players play at more places.. meet new people.. the community becomes more intergrated.. and more powerful.

Can someone make a rational argument as to why this is a bad idea? Really?

As for making money... I don't personally make any money .. The expenses of operation far outstrip any income. My space downtown costs me $65 000.00 a year.. not including things like insurance... overall inclusive of all expenses the operations cost $70 000.00 a year Total revenue from all Airsoft activities since start up is somewhere around.. $6000.00 so as far a revenue goes in the whole operation .. it is a drop in the bucket.., Add to this that I have to put about another $5000 in shortly to make repairs and replace equipment... clearly I don't do it for money.. I do it because I enjoy it.. and I have the resources to provide services to others so they can enjoy it as well.

I simply cant figure out all this overt.. ( and clearly covert) hostility towards what I am trying to do..I am not trying to "take over" I am trying to facilitate success for everyone, venues, players, hosts alike.. Why does this threaten people?

Everywere I turn all I get is "you're just in this for the Money"

No I'm not... the paintball places... now they, are just in it for what they can make off of airsofters.. Regardless of how much they have "supported" airsoft.. They have done little to accomodate airsofters..

I on the other hand, asked what the community wanted.. and provided it to the best of my ability...And I will continue to do so..

What I would like to know is just what are the Issues here? why so much resistance to an Idea that anyone with an ounce of sense could see is a good one?
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