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Plenty of reasons to's a BIG Provience

Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
Originally Posted by Armyissue
I know where Brian is coming from. Its competition. Good for the buyer bad for the seller. Everyone in the food chain has a different place and point of veiw. :
True enough... but if there is no good reason to compete.. why do it? Other than for hubris sake.
as Atreyu says it is not like Hosts get paid... for the most part the only ones making money are the paintball places. And they don't give a crap about us.

This one I have to take issue, cause it disrespects and generalizes all the paintball fields.

FR has been extremely accomidating towards the Airsoft Community. Joe opened up use of his old property just to allow us more options in field variables, he allows us to play late, and to schedule other games around us. while he doesnt make the extra money off of us in paintballs and rentals, he knows that we're loyal to the fields we like and strives his best to provide us with Refs that stay out of our way and when we have the odd problem of a conflict with another group he actually deals with the problem instead of giving the prefrence to the Paintballers. We Airsofters bring him year round business and he does his best to make sure we're happy with him , his staff and his fields (3 of them being indoor at which he has specifically said we can play on weekends unlike a certain PB indoor field in Toronto). I for one wish all the fields we play at were as accomidating.

As for what Army Issue said...Competition is good for the Buyers..that would be the Airsoft Players. And it makes the Sellers (and that would be the fields/hosts) work that much harder to give us the best product (and that would be games).

During Summer season there are games practically every weekend, sometimes both Saturday and Sunday. The more locations offering games the more the transportationally challenged are given options of where it is easiest to attend. Narrowing options isnt the answer. Though if you have a game conflict as I said earlier, you should contact the host that your conflicting with to see if there is a solution. They may have reasons that they are hosting that particular event that your not aware of. The hosts have to communicate these things if they feel such communication is required however they shouldnt be forced to do so.

I would love to hit Wasaga more often as it's a great field, but due to distance and time it's not as possible for me. But there should be no reason why people who are closer to Wasaga then Cambridge should be denied a game just cause I'm playing in cambridge. And one of these days I really want to play up at Wolfpack Primary cause it sounds like a great experience, again time and distance has a factor. The more options a player a good thing.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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