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no reason to compete

Originally Posted by Armyissue
I know where Brian is coming from. Its competition. Good for the buyer bad for the seller. Everyone in the food chain has a different place and point of veiw. :
True enough... but if there is no good reason to compete.. why do it? Other than for hubris sake.
as Atreyu says it is not like Hosts get paid... for the most part the only ones making money are the paintball places. And they don't give a crap about us.

If there was money to be made I understand competition.. but there is not.. so competition is self defeating.. is works against us not for us.

it is a simple thing... plan ahead, put your game in the calendar. and if there is one on the weekend you had planned.. choose a different date.

This way when your game comes up.. everyone who plays regular will be at your game, plus all the folks that only play at your games plus all the ones who only go to the field that you host at.

Every field would then have a big game every month rather than 2 small ones.
As most people only play once a month ... it will service the needs ofthe community to advantage.
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