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OK, then.

So.. the prevailing approach seems to be... I don't care about anyone else.. as long as I am happy

I don't get it... what is the problem with having a care for others?

When I schedule a game.. I do it weeks ahead.. and only on a weekend that no one else has scheduled, Why? so the players don't have to decide, so groups of friends won't be split as to which game to go to.

when I see game threads that say... "need more people!!! or we may have to cancel".. and I see 2 other events scheduled against it... After the first one.. all of them are hollering for more bodies.. it got me thinking...

hey why don't we just use the calendar.. and try to avoid this doubling up?

We have heard from some hosts.. and most don't seem interested in collaboration or co-operation, why I can't fathom... what about the players?

As a player.. what would you rather see?

3 games on one weekend all with ok attendance .. then 2 weekends with nothing.. or one event every weekend that is more likley to be well attended?

Most players only really go to one or two games a month.. very many much less.
If it is the one game you are going out to this month would you want to have to chose from 3 games on one weekend.. which has your friends all split some going to one some to the the other... or pick the one game that interests you and plan to go?

What do the players say?
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