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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Brian, it's not a question of who or where, it comes down to preference. Players will come where they know of a proven host or venue to be to thier own personal liking. Perhaps it comes down to customer loyalty, or perhaps lack of choice. Either way, the players will go where they want no matter what is offered them.
Atreyu's comes down to preference at that given period of time.

Sure, sometimes you feel like milsim, or an indoor game, other times, you feel like going to FR and playing at an entirely different pace.

Sure it sucks that attendance may be a bit low sometimes if you host a game, but diversity of game types is one of the things that makes this sport great.

EDIT: Also, personal schedules may come into play as well. Some days, I loathe driving all the way to Cambridge for a game, especially with the gas prices the way they are lately, others, I might actually *be* in Cambridge already for the weekend visiting my gf's parents. There's many factors that go into what games people attend.
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