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All good points, and valuable Insight, Thank you

I think that everyone has offered really helpful comments, and I appreciate it.

I think that much of player choice comes down to familiarity. People go to places that they have gone before, to where people that they know are going. This makes complete sense, it's human nature.

There have been according to my research a number of ventures to create "airsoft only" venues in southern central Ontario. Most have failed for one reason or another.. but underlying all the reasons is a failure of the player base at large to support them while they get going.

People choose to go to familiar places with familliar people to do familliar things... and the one thing that everyone says they want.. a place of their own where they can do what they want to without accomodating field owners, paintballers..whithers on the vine.

I am not talking about preference..some people will not go to certain fields, will not attend with certain people.. but really this is a minority. the majority of players will happily go wherever there is a game.And if theire is 3 games they will go where they think they will have the most fun.. which will be where they have had fun before.. where their friends are going... If there is only one event going... well the likelyhood is that they will go there.

All I am saying is why don't we make an effort for co-ordinate a schedule so that we can all help each other be succssful.

And successful is not about money.. it about offering vlaue to the attendees, a good experience, with challenging play in a environment that everyone enjoys.

It is easy to say, "Well I don't see any trouble... it does not seem to affect me" but it does.. If I host a game at EOTEC, and there are 2 other games going as well .. potential attendace is reduced at all three.. meaning that although you made your roster.. you could have had a larger attendance if the schedule had been co-ordinated.

All I am proposing is that we use the calendar on this site. post our games in there and have a care for other games scheduled so that we don't conflict too much.. can we see a downside to this? is there any way this could hurt anyone?
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