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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Brian, it's not a question of who or where, it comes down to preference. Players will come where they know of a proven host or venue to be to thier own personal liking. Perhaps it comes down to customer loyalty, or perhaps lack of choice. Either way, the players will go where they want no matter what is offered them.
I think this is the best response to the question.

That being said, I'll add to this.

If I have a choice between WP Muskoka (my home field), Flagraiders, Wasaga and Eotech, Muskoka wins hands down. There's nothing anyone could offer me to deter me from a weekend at my home field, short of some insane container ship or verbotten CQB action somewhere.

It would have to be something REAL special to win my time from Muskoka.

If nothing's happening at Muskoka, I make my decision based on the following:

1) Where are my friends and teammates playing?
2) How comfortable am I with the venue?
3) How comfortable am I with the person hosting?
4) How much driving do I want to do this weekend?
5) Am I in the mood for a milsim game, an EVENT (entire weekend), or a day of skirmishing?

Now, I KNOW that WP will not host a major event if we know of a similar major event being planned at the same time. We try to post our games very clearly in advance; that being said, we also know that there is a given number of the community who will come to our games over most others simply because they prefer our location, company, and the kickass barbeques we throw after the game.

We ALSO know that there are plenty of people in the community who would rather take a day trip to Flagraiders then camp overnight at Muskoka, either because they don't have the time to commit to the full weekend, or the desire to attend such an event. As such, we don't generally balk at FR or Wasaga games that are hosted during one of our weekend events. To each their own, and the more choices the better.

Ultimately, it's up to the players. If I'm hosting a game at a new field, and I can't get numbers to attend, I would ask myself why, all things being equal, I'm not getting the numbers needed to run the games I wish to run. If a Flagraiders game easily draws away all my potential players, then there's evidently something wrong with MY game or venue, and/or something RIGHT or BETTER, more attractive, about the other.
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