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Originally Posted by ATREYU
Brian, it's not a question of who or where, it comes down to preference. Players will come where they know of a proven host or venue to be to thier own personal liking. Perhaps it comes down to customer loyalty, or perhaps lack of choice. Either way, the players will go where they want no matter what is offered them.
well said.
in ottawa we dont have many players. maby 40 max. so we dont have enough to run to fields at the same time. Its a shame however, because there are games that I definatly DONT want to goto...not to mention, with only 1 field, its the same people all the time....same games all the time...same field fees...I mean really, how many time can you play a milsim downed pilot game befor you want some good old hicap allowed capture the flag.
Im not a fan of 2nd if there is a shitty game at one field, and a better game at another field, or one field is simply more fun then the other, you can bet your ass im gonna spend my money where I think ill get the best return for it.

variety is the spice of life.