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Originally Posted by mcguyver
Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Sigh, must be nice! If only in Canada we could pull off stuff like that!
We could if we could just buy some army officer to let us use some active assets, as it were. I here that money can get you ANYTHING at all in the former East-Bloc countries.

If you could still bring in de-comm tanks like some folks in Northern AB have already done, I'd selll my Honda in a heartbeat.

My wife would really love that, too.

It would make for a cool mil-sim, though.

Well, at least you wouldn't be too worried about other cars in the parking lots denting your doors!
Originally Posted by [DI]DeathSniper
Fucking bullshit. I just checked my flyers and I didn't get no 'Cluepons'. Assholes :rrr:
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