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My condolences to you Lisa and to the Ross family. The passing of someone this young is tragic. I first met Katey at Deadlands and recall it well, and saw her on and off over the last couple years at various games. I knew she was ill with the diabetes but I had no idea it had progressed so horribly.

There is nothing one can say at times like this other than life is a precious thing we often take for granted, and when something like this happens, its a reminder to all of us how short our time is here and to live our lives to the fullest.

Not to detract, but I've had my share of death in my own family this summer, and don't wish grieving the loss of a loved one on anyone.

I'll look in on my kids before I go to bed tonight and think of how lucky I am as a parent, not to have dealt with this. Children should outlive their parents and God help me should I ever have to bury one of my own. I can only think of the hell her parents are experiencing right now.

Stay strong Lisa and remember you're not alone.
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