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Schedule Conflicts, or cutting each others Grass

I was wondering if Hosts of games bother to look at the schedule before deciding to schedule a game?

Seems like there is a tendency to cross schedule games. Fact is there are only a limited number of active players in southern Ontario. If there are 3 sometimes 4 games scheduled all within an hour and a half drive of each other, are we not kinda shooting ourselves in the foot?

would it not be better to co-ordinate? and work a schedule so that there was a game every weekend somewhere but never , or infrequently more than one? This way attendance at all games would likely improve.

For example... I scheduled a game at EOTEC 5 weeks ago, for this Sunday.. for 3 weeks there was nothing schedueled against it. Now.. there are I think 3 other games schedued in southern Ontario and most of them have been calling for more players. some of them are skirting field minimums...
It is certain that some payers will jam out.. and be no shows .. some of the games may then fall under field minimums, risking cancellation or worse pissing off the field owner an jeopardizing the use of the field in the future.

Now I know that some players won't play at some fields .. or won't go to games hosted by certain people.. that is a whole other issue, and when dealing with humans unavoidable, but if you had the choice of one game on any given weekend and another game on another weekend then you could pick and choose which one to go to.. and those who are not particular could all go to the one game making for better attendance at all games.

In the end everyone benefits, the hosts get solid attendance,and don't have to scramble, nor do they have to "compete" with other hosts. The field owners get more revenue for each game assuring the future availibilty of venues. The players get larger games, and don't have to deal with the question of which game to go to.

There is one overriding stress for most Game hosts.. "am I going to get enough players out to make it worth the time and effort I put into this?
All it takes is a couple of poorly attended games to sour most on hosting.
When a Host sees 2-3 games scheduled for the same weekend.. it is a dissapointment because you know that your game is going to suffer a bit because of it. I don't think than any hosts go about willfully scheduling against other hosts, I do think that there is little thought put into scheduling, and this is what I suggest we improve.

I recommend that we improve the communication between hosts and use the Calendar included in this Site to schedule games within the same player base.
We should try to ensure that games get scheduled in each region each month but that games do not get scheduled in the same region on the same weekend. This way we can all reap the benefits of secure playing fields, large well attended games and happy and motivated hosts.

What say you hosts?
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