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In this thread: , you said
Originally Posted by SohxBlitz
sohxblitz plus 5 ill list the names too
Shadow Kyle
Ghost cody
Wannakraka Logan
Bio Brent
Xcom Chris
where all from section 5 from Calgary Alberta
Yet you say you will be in Winnipeg for the first two weeks. You are posting in game threads for places all over the country that you are coming to games. IMHO, you are either very well off, and have either copious amounts of money or access to a private jet, or you are full of it. You posted in one of my game threads at flag raiders that you would be there with your "+4 from Calgary". But nobody remembers seeing you. Awful long way to come for a FR game.... or for anywhere else for that matter.
You seem to have posted your attendance for a lot of events. Let's see hwo many you actually arrive at... Your recent posts
Douglas Alexander Maxwell (Known pedophile).
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