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Originally Posted by Penguin
Originally Posted by Greylocks
Originally Posted by MrEvolution
Originally Posted by Captain Tenneal
most people just shake their heads at it and plink with them for shits and giggles.
My friend bought one and spray painted it black, fired about 50 BB's at some cans, when the retention pin for the spring broke. the pin is about half the thickness of a paper clip, so he drills a hole, and inserts part of an actual paper clip into the spring mechanism.

Still works to this day.
That tells all about quality, when a Paper Clip outperforms a factory part, doesnt it?
Just on that information, I would not even think of thinking of having a delusion about those guns.
The spring flew of my SP-M203 years back and I replaced it with the 1 cent spring from a pen, worked better overall and held the tube more snuggly in than the factory spring did. The origional part wasn't so great, but sometimes things happen and aftermarket ingenuity makes something better. Does that mean that the original product was bad, no.. it just means it could be better with a bit of thinking.

I'm not defending crossman, but I think that your logic is very skewed sometimes.

What can we learn from this? Simple. If it's stupid but it works, then it isn't stupid.

However, I do understand the reasing behind your comment Greylocks. It's the same as the CYMA paint issue. Replacing parts pretty much out of the box, or shortly thereafter, should not have to be done. On anything.

On the flip side of that coin, to agree with penguin. Sometimes improvisation with non-original parts can make something better.

It doesn't matter, becasue the Crosman "Soft Air" crap is exactly that. Crap. Give me a TM any day.
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