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Gone for a week

I realize this probably doesn't belong in the news, but since I'm getting alot of PMs and emails recently, this is best way to let everyone know.

I'm taking an exceedingly well-timed vacation 2 days after we just opened the ASCA showroom, and I won't be back until Monday the 24th. Carl (MadMax) will be reading my PM's and emails (send him some dirty ones maybe?), but likely only responding to the emergency ones (and no, asking to have Greylocks or FreedomFighter banned is NOT an emergency), or those relating to the store.

So if you are still waiting for a reply to an email, and by my estimate close to 200 of you are, I will get back to them after the 24th. Sorry I can't get to them sooner.

See you all in a week. Unless they have airsoft in the Dominican Republic, in which case I'm registering and starting a field there.

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