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Originally Posted by fasterbassdrums
i wear boots most every day tucked into pants, and sometimes combat pants, i wouldnt wear Full gear to a game but i can say that i might wear BDU's to a game minus vest holsters etc, but probably would wear BDU's minus the jacket, i like the feel of my boots and wear them on a regular basis and i have always tucked my pants into boots i dont know why..... but i agree with most of you that full combat gear is just goofy...i used to be in the militia, and used to jog to the base in full gear(my house was close) but airsoft ISNT the army and i would say yeah half and half or BDU's could be acceptable if your in a hurry or driving there or whatever, but not for the resturaunt.
Hahah, Boots+tucked/blowsed pants are VERY comfortable .
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