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King Arms Dragunov.

Yes, that's the thing I've been waiting for. And enormous thanks go to Randy at DEA airsoft who got it in for me.

First impression.

Visually; gorgeous. What is wood looks and feels like varnished wood. If it's not really wood, well, they got the illusion right. The cheekpiece/rest is real wood, detachable. As the gun is set in a fairly straight line, aiming with goggles will be a pain. Time to invest in something acceptable

Apart from the magazine, who'se plastic/abs matches the gun perfectly in color, the entire thing is metal. The entire gun is heavy (I'd guess around 10 pounds). There is no creak, no flex, nothing perceptible.

Cocking is easy, test firing went fine, I am not in a position to check it's range or FPS rating.
Hopup is reached under the top cover, and adjusted by an allen key. That too is untested yet.
Takedown is pretty much like a real AK variant. That means it's dirt easy; remove the dust cover, and you see the bolt and bolt spring guide.
The main spring does look like a standard AEG spring, so their claims appear to be true. I have not tried to take it that far apart yet, nor do I intend to.

The frame mounts for Russian scopes appear to be the right size, but I again dont have a scope for it (yet).

Overall, it's a stunning piece. But beware, the cost is over $1000 by the time it's in Canada.

Edit: Get a set of metric allen keys. It's a perfectly european setup, even to that level of detail.
You will also need a tamper-proof Torx screwdriver set.
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