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This is me in a generic dirka outfit during a milsim. I used this same outfit at an earlier game, but I had the claymore I was wearing covered by another shemagh. The entire dirka squad I was in was eliminated so we wandered back to our respawn point. The "enemy" dudes were searching the area for 4 parts to a nuclear missile (we were using 4 old rims to simulate the parts). I was in my respawn point when a couple of squads of enemy troopies wanders in looking for one of the pieces. I was sitting on a crate, and Bunny, one of the Special Forces dudes is convinced I'm covering a missile part with my robe. By this time I had long respawned, so I put away my kill rag and just sat there until the enemy left, as it was useless starting a firefight 10 feet away from each other. Bunny gets frustrated and comes towards me to search under my robe. I like the guy, but I don't swing that way so I quickly lifted the shemagh and nailed him with a spread of BB's from the claymore. The look on his face was absolutely priceless, a definite Kodak moment, an nobody had a camera. I was quickly capped in the back of the head by Colin, but I had an absolute ball setting off the claymore in true dirka fashion. Out came my trusty well worn kill rag.
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