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oh ya its a good idea, and is fair, but imo it would be too complicated to accopmlish for little outome. at my games i try to level the playing field as much as possible, but instead of happy campers they complain and bitch morem and then theres always the inevitable player who will interpret the rules in a way you never impied and creat more problems.
you could segregate all the players into catagories low/mid/i pwrd aegs, or hand out cards w/ cronied, but what is taht actually going to accomplish, then people are just going to have something else to bitch about, saying theres too many rules, and your4 making it no fun, when all your doing it trying to appease complaints they have expressed in the past, i say fuck em, teh way we do it (10ft) works, and it does the trick w/ little complaints, when you change it up, you open a whole new can of copmlaint worms.... unless you enjoy worms..... then it might be tasty.
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