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don't muddle the Message

The basis of this is that there is not a significant difference between the potential for injury at 10 feet than at 0 feet. Leaving out the issue of upgraded weapons I think it is safe to say that within stock weapons the difference is immaterial.

This is the basis of our "No Mercy" rules at TTAC3. We limit the FPS to 350. and do not allow full auto fire. I think that this allows engagments at anything from 0 to max effective range to be "mostly safe"
This in turn allows for a realistic representation of CQB engagments.
CQB with Mercy... may as well be hide and seek, the "edge" is totaly lost.

In a mixed weapon open game outside with upgraded guns, it really does beg the question. Does a 10 foot standoff really offer any significant increase in safety? Should it be greater? does it matter?
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