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Well, establishing a minimum safe distance for b/a rifles is even harder to enforce. Not too many people are very good at judging actual distances. Anything that's not immediately obvious to a shooter is even less obvious to a game org who is not immediately present at a shooting in question. Establishing a numerical safe distance is merely arbitrary without measuring impact energy at measured distance. It's even impractical if particiapants cannot judge distance on sight.

I'm not looking to try to split hairs between highly upgraded ASGs and lowish power airsoft. ASGs exist in a continuous range of muzzle energies.

The purpose of my testing was to determine whether a mercy rule really has any purpose in a CQB setting. If we are willing to accept a 400fps muzzle velocity fired upon a person at 10' in outdoor play, it's hard to see the purpose of a mercy rule when pistols or low upgrade/stock guns are in play in a CQB setting since lower power ASGs impart less muzzle energy than higher power ASGs at 10'. High power ASGs are inappropriate for CQB play so it's hard to see the purpose of a mercy rule on fields with low fps limits. It would be more clear to impose a 330fps limit on indoor games with no mercy rule. Mercy can be offered, but is not a requirement.

Shooting someone with higher powered ASG (say 400fps) because the target appears to be reacting aggressively when mercy is offered is par for the course. The removal of a mercy range for low power ASGs doesn't really affect the reactions of the shooter offering mercy whether the target is reacting with a low power or high power ASG even with our current mercy rules. Even current mercy rules more or less allows the offerer to shoot a target who responds aggressively to the offer of mercy.
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